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Your inner beauty never needs makeup, we all need Jesus Christ. I believe with a makeup brush and a good teacher, I can teach you to become a fabulous artist and bring color into your life.

Bethany Montecalvo



Some of my happy client's. Aren't they just stunning. At the end of each lesson, I love to take a picture and see how they shine so bright.

Makeup Lessons

Tampa, FL

It's a desire of mine to  keep women updated with their makeup. No matter what season of life your in, I love to inspire women to keep their makeup look fresh & colorful. It's a 2 hour fabulous time of fun, education, and fellowship. Together we will go through your skincare  & makeup routine. I will show you all the secrets I have learned from being in the film industry. $250 Makeup lessons here in Florida

Let's party Together !

Saint Pete, FL

Group education makeup fun time lessons. I come to you, makeup & lightening ready to set up.  Let's have fun in a group setting.  Please reach out for group rates. I share fun secrets 

* Lighting 

*Makeup &  lighting 

 *How to prep your skin for makeup to stay all night 

*How to  address certain  skin care needs​

*What's the top skin care treatments & do they work

*Head shot ready

You can purchase the makeup I use during the lessons

Family-owned company was founded in 1952, selling stage makeup to starlets out of a small store in New York City. We got to know some of the top artists in theater and film, bonding over our shared pride in our work. Limelife realized quickly their  passion for top-quality professional makeup was matched only by a drive to help people pursue passions of their own. As makeup artists began referring their clients to Limelife. As members of our greater community, it’s important to us that LimeLife cosmetics are as kind to the planet as possible. All LimeLife skin care is Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free, organic and chemical-free. Our professional makeup is Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free and as natural as possible without sacrificing its performance. Please check out my site below to learn more and to purchase makeup.

Makeup Fun!


Florida Makeup Lessons with Bethany Montecalvo

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