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Bethany Montecalvo is a Pittsburgh & Tampa licensed Medical Esthetician, Union Makeup Artist, Health Coach and Model. She has studio's in Pittsburgh & Tampa, Florida . Bethany works extensively in the television & film Industry.  She is a natural beauty & wellness expert. Bethany believes that the face and body can be a great canvas to work with if you understand the art of makeup, true natural & organic skin care, and how to create beauty through health, not at the expense of it.  Bethany is a sought after speaker who encourages women to find wellness for their bodies, minds, and spirits, and is a passionate and committed natural health & beauty advocate. 

capturing Your beauty, & love one step at a time!​​

Songs of Songs 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.


​​Bethany Montecalvo

Making Health & Beauty simple

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