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Bethany Montecalvo
                                  On Location services Available


Pittsburgh Professional Makeup Artist
YOUNG is an Attitude and a Style. Not an age.

Bethany Montecalvo is a licensed Vegan Esthetician, Make-up Artist and Holistic Health Coach in Pittsburgh. Her passion is beauty and health. It is her joy to speak to companies in Pittsburgh, small groups or one on one about how to live a happy healthy life! Bethany specializes in beauty makeup, airbrush makeup, editorial makeup, fashion shows, commercials, weddings, camouflauge makeup, fantasy makeup, movie makeup, organic spray tanning, organic spa services and so much more. Bethany can also provide both on-site and studio work. Bethany has worked at numerous upscale spas and plastic surgeon's offices and stars providing makeup and spa services in the Pittsburgh area. Bethany is well educated in health, wellness, makeup & skin care needs and understands the importance of looking  and feeling your best every day. "Our face can be a great canvas to work with if you know and understand the great art of makeup, health and skin care."

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